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Omnipod Dash Eros & 5 : Insulin Pump Protection Cover : Protective Case Only

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Omnipod Overlay Protective Case

These bright series style fully protective Omnipod cases are perfect for customizing your favorite colors together. The right amount of light refracts off the surface creating a natural look that is mesmerizing and says, I've got this.  #T1D #WARRIORMODE 

IMPORTANT: Required Bands Available:

This case requires a Freedom Band for operation. We have a growing selection here or you can make your own. We also carry complete starter kits with everything you need at a great price here. Whether you are adding a color case to your collection or ordering an extra to have on hand, bands are not included in this specific item. If you are ordering for the first time, it is important to note that you will also need a band to complete your setup. We offer wonderful variety of bands, colors, lengths and sizes here.

Unique Arm Band Holder Designs:

The arms are designed to provide maximum support while spreading the pressure points out providing perfect bandage coverage, transmitter protection with maximum shock absorption. If the user ever snags the band during activity, the arms will release under load and avoid removing the transmitter. 

Angles That Matter:

Th arms on this case are design to allow easy in installation of a new band with seamless removal.  See our Video Library for more informative videos located in any page at the top navigation menu. 

Change Placement In an Instant!

Our unique design allows this case to change directions and follow your Dexcom G6 transmitter wherever it finds itself on your body. The base of this special case overlays the standard Dexcom G6 application patch exactly, while protecting the bandage and transmitter.

Hand Made by US Veterans!

The entire company has served. We get it. Attention to detail is in our DNA and we've out that energy into a case that will keep you confident and ready to meet any challenge or activity life brings you.  Each case is hand made from an ultra strong resin that allows light flex and smooth surfaces. The Pressure release arms allow anyone caught in a bind to "snap or slip away".  The Freedom Case can get wet and designed to take a beating. 



Omnipod Dash Eros & 5 : Insulin Pump Protection Cover : Protective Case Only
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