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Adhesive Patch Instructions

Below is a list of helpful instructions for your new adhesive overlay patches for the Dexcom G6, G7, Libre 2 & Libre 3 as well as Omnipod and more.  Please refer to the link that matches your device or locate item number on the back of your package and refer to the list below. Detailed preparation instructions are located at the bottom of this page. 


Dexcom G6 & G7

  1. Clear Waterproof : DG6-CWP
  2. Tan Skin Waterproof : DG6-TWP
  3. White Skin Waterproof : DG6-WWP
  4. White Micro-woven : DG6-MWW
  5. Dexcom G6 Underlay : DG6-UND

Freestyle Libre 2 & 3

  1. Clear Waterproof : FL2-CWP
  2. Tan Skin Waterproof : FL2-TWP
  3. White Skin Waterproof : FL2-WWP
  4. White Micro woven : FL2-MWW

    Medtronic & Medtronic Guardian

    1. Clear Waterproof : MMG-CWP
    2. Tan Skin Waterproof : MMG-TWP
    3. White Skin Waterproof : MMG-WWP
    4. White Micro woven : MMG-MWW


    1. Clear Waterproo: OMP-CWP
    2. Tan Skin Waterproof : OMP-TWP (coming soon)
    3. White Skin Waterproof : OMP-WWP (coming soon)
    4. White Micro-woven : OMP-MWW (coming soon)


    1. Tan Skin Waterproof : FL2-TWP (coming soon)
    2. White Skin Waterproof : FL2-WWP (coming soon)
    3. White Micro-woven : FL2-MWW (coming soon)


    Prepare the skin: 

    Remove lotions, oil, and perfumes with warm water a simple non-perfumed soap. In some cases where oily skin prevents patches from staying, rubbing alcohol may be used with permission from a health care professional. Thoroughly pat dry skin. The success of the adhesive lies in the preparation of the area.


    Avoid bathing for 6-10 hours:

    For the adhesive bond to occur on a molecular level avoid showering or water for at least 6 to 10 hours after application. If you have a freedom band application of your freedom band during this time to help expedite the adhesion process and allowing the body heat to activate the adhesive is ideal. The longer a patch is worn undisturbed the better the adhesion will be. 



    To remove your adhesive patch the use of baby oil or adhesive softeners are recommended. If possible use unisol adhesive remover and follow the instructions on the packaging. 


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