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Freedom Band Measurement Help


Goal: The Perfect Freedom Band Fit

Each "Freedom Band band set" will be two bands connected and are designed to be used together or individually to fit just right. We have carefully designed these to fit within the advertised measurements choices on our site.  Let's identify the "Smallest & Largest" measurements. The best band fit comes with a proper measurement of each limb you utilize/wear your CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) on. Understanding each band has a 10% flexibility elastic variant; proper measurement is key to avoid fitment issues and over compression of the protection band. Since each band is hand made to fit it's user, we can work together to attain this important goal. 

Many people wear their CGM transmitters on their Arm, Forearms, Waist, Upper Buttocks,  Legs, Thighs, Calves and etc. You will want to measure each of the locations in an effort to properly identify the "Smallest & Largest" areas on your body. This way, when your Freedom Band, arrives it will truly be a "one-size-fits-all". 


Let's get started:

Locate a body tape measure, fabric measure or ruler and string.

1. Find a tape measure. You should use a flexible body tape measure, such as the type that a tailor would use. Do not use a retracting tape measure, like the ones used in construction or for measuring furniture. The tape should not stretch when pulled or bent.


2. Measure Your Arm & Write It Down

Tip: You can also use a string and a ruler. Wrap the string the same way you would a tape measure. Mark the length of the string used, and measure it against a ruler. 


3. Measure Your Waist & Write It Down

Tip: Wrap the measuring tape around your waist. 

Stand up straight and breathe normally. Hold the end of the tape measure at your navel and circle it around your back to the front of your waist. The measuring tape should be parallel to the floor and fit snugly around your torso without digging into your skin.[2]

  • Make sure that the measuring tape is straight all the way around and is not twisted anywhere, especially in the back

4. Read & Write The Measurement Down

Exhale and then check the measurement on the tape. Your waist measurement will be at the place on the tape where the zero end meets the slack end of the tape measure. The number indicates your waist measurement in inches and/or centimetres, depending on the type of measuring tape you used.


5. Measure Your Thigh

6. Ask a friend To Help You. 

While you may be able to do these measurements on your own, you will get more accurate numbers if you have a friend take the measurements for you. Bending over can affect the measurement if you're trying to do it alone, but if you have a friend take the measurement, you can stand or sit straight. Measure in locations you use your CGM.


 7. Write All 3 Measurements Down 

8.  Smallest & Largest Measurement 

As soon as you have taken all the measurements, you should have written down all 3 numbers in Inches. Circle the smallest measurement and the largest measurement. 


9. Visit Any Band Order Page And Select

Now that you have correctly measured your largest and smallest measurements, visit any Freedom Band product page and visit the dropdown "adjustable band size" section and order the band measurement that contains both the smallest and largest measurements. 

Example: Susan's smallest measurment was her arm.  It measured 11" inches around. Her largest measurement was her waist. It measured 32" inches around. Therefore, the correct band size Susan would order is the 10-44" Inch adjustable band because it encompasses those two smallest and largest measurements. If you would like to be extra sure, you can enter your measurements in the "special notes box" during the checkout process. 

Watch our unboxing and adjustment video:


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