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Freedom Band Mission: To live the active lifestyle we choose. Enjoy the normal range of daily motion by creating the ultimate peace of mind when our lives demand more. Enable those with the ability grasp the moments that create memories for our lifetimes.  That said, diabetes or a CGM should be the last thing on your mind. The blessing of continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps, created a whole new world of frustration for users around the world.  Failing adhesive and severe allergic reactions have become rampant in the community. We had fallen victim to the underworld of problematic CGM adhesion. Countless lost transmitters resting at the bottom of local lakes, ponds, beaches and buried in the sands of local campgrounds, we had enough. 

Peace of mind is instrumental in enjoying an active lifestyle and for millions, the adhesive properties of these lifesaving devices we all rely on are less than desirable for most and fail far more than they should for the price they cost. 

The Freedom Band was born with one goal; to create an affordable and reusable device protection system that doesn't require a new monthly expense such as adhesive patches. Diabetes care is already expensive enough and we can all agree, accessories shouldn't become another burden to add to the list. The Freedom Fam has focused on significantly reducing the maintenance costs, while making it fun, colorful and inexpensive. Welcome to the Perfect CGM transmitter adhesive rejuvenation and sustainability system that is a one size fits all.

Our wonderful social media following has helped us establish a strong, comfortable and worthy opponent to any failing adhesive patch while saving each user over $300 in expensive patches per device, per year and potentially thousands in transmitter replacement costs. Did we mention the color fun while saving? 

Find yourself looking forward to transmitter change each time by adding new bright and fun colors you get to show off, because you are a #warrior. Remove the stigma, normalize diabetes. 

We give thanks to those who were with us from the start. We equally appreciate those who give patronage to this day and allow us to push forward and give meaning to this darkness we all share. We have found positivity and it's been overwhelming. The community that rests beneath the chaos and is something to be reckoned. We believed that among the finger pricks, hourly tests and daily injections there has always been too much negative, this needs to change. To give hope and a simple smile can go a long way to changing someone's mindset and every diabetic deserves hope. To own diabetes and charge forward with a look that screams, I am a #warrior. 

The birth of Freedom Band. This is our coping mechanism, facing tragedy head on and beating it down until It no longer owns us. Wanting to share the strength and create a network we can all return to for renewed energy from the diabetes blues we all get from time to time. There truly is something special in every life lesson and we're in it together. 

Thank you for the most humbling experience I've ever been a part of in my 43 years on this earth. As a Military Veteran, Civil Servant, Husband and father of 3, this is up there for me with those moments in life that are cherished the most. I've listened to so many Diabetic experiences over the past months and I am amazed at the perseverance of the human spirit and I bow to your strength. All diabetics deserve global recognition, appreciation and awareness, bar none.

We're not Dexcom, Abbott or Medtronic, but we firmly believe our work is just as instrumental in the pursuit of diabetic peace of mind.

Our work has taken us into new areas and we've begun to cross over to the Gtube and Tracheostomy patients in children and adults by request and we look forward to releasing a new lineup soon. A smile is the best medicine for restoring hope and this is our passion project which blossomed during one of the most difficult years (2020) in recent history. 


Thank you. 💙


Jesse Gonzales - Founder LLC
2120 North Winery
Suite #103
Fresno, CA 93727


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