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Starter Kits Explained

Each starter kit we offer has a specific design and function in mind. The ultimate goal is to protect the CGM device and the adhesive which is designed to hold your CGM to your skin for the time period stated by the CGM manufacturer and reduce unnecessary and costly transmitter replacements. 

Interchangeable coverage for Dexcom, Libre, Medtronic, Omnipod or Eversense. Each starter kit will come standard with everything needed to wear your Freedom Band anywhere on your body a CGM is recommended. Customers can also add other style bands and cases to their orders. Some wear devices on their waist, tummy, lower back, arms, legs and it seems new areas are popping up all the time.  This is why we've designed our Freedom Bands to fit and adjust all-in-one, anywhere.


If you order from the Freedom Band starter kit section, the items below are listed and included standard to make things a little easier. You can also purchase items individually like bands or extra cases and colors or add different accessories to enjoy your new purchase even more. For new users, we will always suggest purchasing a starter kit and then adding extra bands and cases that you find useful. 

  1. One Protective Cover "Case" in the Color of Your Choosing.
  2. Two (2) Custom Sized Active Bands. The all weather, wide and stable waterproof bands are made to last. When used by themselves or combined using the connector clip provided, they work together to fit the measurements chosen on the product description page dropdown menu. If you are seeking a ultra-plush soft lounge band, we also suggest perhaps adding any "Plush Band' to your order. You can also Build Your Own Band.
  3. One 2" Cinch & Lock Connector Clip
  4. Storage & Washing Strap 
  5. Dry Storage Packaging Zip Pouch
  6. How It Works QR Code / Website URL Paperless Manual

We have carefully created and provided everything you will need upon arrival, when you order a starter kit from

This is what makes the Freedom Band so special. Each band is made for the user and motivated to serve.  Our unique no mess adjustable Velstretch bands to the multi-directional (patent pending) protective "case" cover attachments, we've designed our patent pending products to interchange with one another.  Top it all off with a durable yet stylish Freedom Band case cover attachment to safety protect your CGM transmitter for the full lifecycle without worry. 

World Famous Freedom Bands: 

  • Immediate comfort band and protective case coverage while wearing your Freedom Band. Simply put your Freedom Band on, over your CGM transmitter and protection is immediate.  Using your own body heat, the coverage will rejuvenate the CGM transmitter/sensor adhesive and help extend the life of the sticky adhesive. Veteran Made in the USA. Watch the video. 
    Important Note: The Freedom Band requires a Freedom Case to operate properly. Watch the video here.

Open Series: 

  • Lowest / smallest profile transmitter and adhesive coverage. Most price conscience with easiest and lowest priced access to transmitter protection. Example Dexcom G6 Open Series

50/50 Series: 

Fully Enclosed: 

  • 2 millimeters taller than an Open Series Freedom Case. Sports, Gymnastics, Cheerleading and Jiujitsu. Complete coverage for those active users who need complete coverage. Many sporting events and coaches require full coverage. Decorating this case can be fun! Example Dexcom G6 Enclosed Series


360 Series & Shell Back Freedom Bands: 

  • This ultra versatile 360 & Shell Back series specialty band upgrade provides the ability to use just the band or remove the band and leave the protective cover while using our 3M non-latex adhesive waterproof patches or your own favorite patch designs on the CGM transmitter allowing protection while you relax giving you the peace of mind. Watch the video




We have created a very helpful section to walk you through how to properly measure your sizing to enable accurate orders. Sizing is rather easy. Measure the smallest and largest area you wear your CGM transmitter. Then, refer to the size menu in the drop-down in the add-to-cart section on this page and add to your cart the size that works for you. Generally your arm (smallest) and stomach (largest). The Freedom band is designed to fit without excess band issues. That's what makes our Freedom Band really special. If you would like help with your measurements, please see our measuring up section. If you need help, contact us or visit us on Facebook. 

Example: Arm is 12" Round and Waist is 32" Round. Any 10-44" Inch band is designed to fit every part of your body comfortable, correctly and without excess band, ever. Visit our How To Measure Up FAQ Section if you need assistance. 


Diabetic Made in USA



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