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Bands For Diabetics

Limited Edition : Glow In The Dark Universal Freedom Case : Dexcom Libre Omnipod & Medtronic

4 Reviews
Limited Edition : Glow In The Dark Universal Freedom Case : Dexcom Libre Omnipod & Medtronic

Bands For Diabetics

Limited Edition : Glow In The Dark Universal Freedom Case : Dexcom Libre Omnipod & Medtronic

4 Reviews
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Hello Glow! Celebrate your fearless nature with a spotlight on your awesomeness. Create conversation. Educate others and be proud. The entire case is made to glow, no paint or stickers or batteries. Just a complete neon explosion of festive glory. This is a very limited run and aren't expected to be in stock long.  Excellent Anytime. Popular during October, New Years, July 4th and All Summer Long. 

  • Neon Glow In The Dark
  • Limited Run Only
  • Vibrant Neon Colors
  • This item does not include the Freedom Band. This is for a case only.


These limited edition glow in the dark color style has a little gloss and a little off white flat finish which makes a unique holiday style that demands attention, says I've got a secret and will really show it's glory when the lights go out. Pow! So awesome, all the kids will be asking where they can get one. 2021 is full of new beginnings. Choose between the open series case, 50/50 half enclosed case or the ever popular fully enclosed case collection. 

These case protectors are perfect for customizing your favorite colors together and show your personality. The right amount of light refracts off the surface creating a silk metallic appearance that is mesmerizing and says, I've got this.  #T1D #WARRIORMODE 


Full Coverage: 

This case is designed to have cover and still be able to display your favorite transmitter stickers. This case hugs and covers the Dexcom G6 or Freestyle Libre Transmitter to protect from sand, debris, muddy water and associated grime that comes with the most active users. The size of the case is 1mm sorter than the fully enclosed or 50/50 Dexcom G6 Transmitter case. 

Bands Available:

Whether you are adding a color case to your collection or ordering an extra to have on hand, bands are not included in this specific item. If you are ordering for the first time, it is important to note that you will also need a band to complete your setup. We offer wonderful variety of bands, colors, lengths and sizes here. 

Unique Arm Band Holder Designs:

The arms are designed to provide maximum support while spreading the pressure points our and reliving its owner while holding the custom hand made, 2" soft and active bands. 

Angles That Matter:

Th arms on this case are design to allow easy in installation of a new band with seamless removal. 

Change Placement In an Instant!

Our unique design allows this case to change directions and follow your Dexcom G6 transmitter wherever it finds itself on your body. The base of this special case overlays the standard Dexcom G6 application patch exactly, while protecting the bandage and transmitter.

Hand Made by US Veterans!

The entire company has served. We get it. Attention to detail is in our DNA and we've out that energy into a case that will keep you confident and ready to meet any challenge or activity life brings you.  Each case is hand made from an ultra strong resin that allows light flex and smooth surfaces. The Pressure release arms allow anyone caught in a bind to "snap or slip away" and protect the user at all times.  The Freedom Case can get wet and designed to take a beating.


I can't believe how much better this band is from the others I have purchased. The 2" inch band makes a huge difference compared to the tiny 3/4" inch I had before. Combined with the Velcro, a home run! Thanks for thinking of it!

Jeremy K.

Thank you Jesse! Your work to help me get the right size meant the world to me and my little T1D warrior. She's so proud of her warrior band. Fast delivery and you helped with a small question. Big thank you. Customer for life! 

Merissa H.

At first I was hesitant, then realized upon delivery that the band and case really does change in more directions and ways than we need it to. Jesse spent time outlining the best methods. Pretty ingenious and know we'll use it for a long time to com

Richard B.

The other band I used would roll over and cut in. But, the freedom band, I often forget it's there, the width and comfort are the best.

Gator Chris-S

Diabetic & Veteran Made in the USA!


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