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Wholesale & Affiliates

If you represent an a local pharmacy, endocrinologist, medical facility or are a verifiable diabetic treatment facility and interested in receiving a Freedom Band "display kit", please select the link of interest below. Contact us on the bottom of this page if you would like to talk with a representative to better understand the services offered and help decide what may be best for you.

Our patented products are made by diabetic Veterans in the USA. They're carefully designed to be protective, durable, create awareness and most importantly empower those who may need added coverage for their CGM or Insulin Pump. 

Wholesale Pricing:

We offer competitive pricing for wholesale stock. Carry the items you'll offer most. Contact us for a list of our best sellers for instore impulse purchases from customers providing an immediate solution. We have a wide variety of useful, fun and colorful products, demos and literature available. We may request a brief discussion by phone to gather a little information and would love to assist in helping create a positive transition for newly diagnosed and long time diabetics who are expanding to a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) or Diabetic Insulin Pump. 35-40% margins. Click here.

Affiliate Signup & Portal Management

Register, manage products and links. Create your own landing page or use our own website with a "cookies" referral link to track orders, profits and payouts. A fully functional back end is provided for every affiliate with easy to access data and visitor statistics. A professional back end making it easy to provide fliers with your links or discount coupon. Provide discounts to interested customers and receive commissions on sales without carrying inventory. 20-30%. Click here.

Display & Demo Kits

Display kits are available and can be used to introduce, demonstrate and acquire new customers. Help solve customers needs onsite in combination with wholesale inventory or by directing to our website for fast shipping with your affiliate links and information. Click here.


    Diabetic Made in USA



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