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How It's Made

Freedom Case Lifetime Warranty

Every Freedom Band needs a protective case to complete the setup for G6 transmitter protection. Each case is made with precision that can be measured to the millimeter with a micrometer. Looks like hard plastic. Acts like hard plastic and the safety arms gently flex like plastic but, it's not the plastic you think it is. It's  PLA. A Plant based ultra-durable, composite construction design. Completely non-toxic to skin and environmentally friendly. Our cases are designed to be biodegradable over years of compost. If ever lost or discarded,  the years of weathering will begin to break down.  Where as traditional plastic will never degrade while never sacrificing structure strength while in service. The benefit is a green footprint that makes the Freedom case the ideal, guilt free alternative, that stands up to wasteful petroleum based plastics.

To answer a common question. Under it's intended use and normal ownership and storage, the Freedom case will not degrade. It would look and function the same if stored in a drawer for 20 years. The degradation process only begins when exposed to extreme natural elements.  - Mother Earth

Antimicrobial Components:

The Antibacterial PLA is a special filament which uses silver ions to inhibit bacterial growth by at least 99 percent, greatly reducing the risk of infections. Its antibacterial agent also complies with RoHS regulations, making it the ideal materials for households and school products. 

PLA plastic
 or polylactic acid is a vegetable-based plastic material, which commonly uses cornstarch as a raw material. This material is a thermoplastic aliphatic polyester and it is the primary natural raw material used in manufacturing.  PLA is a fully biodegradable thermoplastic polymer consisting of renewable raw materials.

PLA has a glass (maximum hardness) transition temperature of 149° F and a melting temperature of 338° F and can withstand being left in a hot car, pool side, ice chest or sitting on the lake front picnic table and will still keep its precision design and full function. Guaranteed.

Lifetime Freedom Case Warranty:

We're so proud and protective of our case design and it's inherent durability that if for any reason, one of our cases chips, cracks, bends, melts or doesn't perform exactly as designed or expected for any reason, we will exchange it. Guaranteed. 

File a Warranty Claim:

If you have experienced an issue, you can open a replacement by locating the form in our FAQ page on the bottom right "bubble" of any page.  



The patented 2" Wide Freedom Band is latex free and is a very unique and special component that brings the "wow" magic of the Freedom Band. Military grade to us means extreme durability and breathability, can take a beating, wash and repeat.  Lightweight with 1mm (millimeter thickness) made of 70% breathable fabric polyester and 30% polyester covered hi-grade rubber elastic. High flexibility and designed to last years under regular or heavy use. The Freedom band has been tested to withstand 50+ pounds of end to end direct pull weight and will stretch to twice its relaxed length before degradation occurs. These conditions will never be achieved under normal intended band use. The added strength will also help maintain strength under heated conditions and is household machine washable, cold. Air dry. 

Hand Sewn, Tested & Inspected 

Diabetic Veteran made in the USA. We take our time hand crafting our Freedom Bands. Each hand sewn, inspected and tested. Each Freedom Band includes a standard 30 day unconditional replacement warranty against defects, errors in manufacturing or stitch quality in conjunction with the Freedom Case lifetime warranty. 

File a warranty claim:

If you have experienced an issue, you can open a replacement claim here


Diabetic Made in USA



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