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Create Your Own : Freestyle Libre 4 Pack : Adhesive Patch Overlay : CYPL

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Create Your Own : Freestyle Libre 4 Pack : Adhesive Patch Overlay  : CYPL


Create Your Own : Freestyle Libre 4 Pack : Adhesive Patch Overlay : CYPL

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Customize Your Own Freestyle Libre Overlay Adhesive Patch!

4 Pack Quantity: $13.95

🤓 Custom Creation & Delivery Lead Time: 5-10 Business Days

These are specially made, just for you. Please allow us the time to produce them perfectly. You're going to love them and well worth the wait. *hint They're printed on the new G7 adhesive tape with a *15 day rating. We will cut this time in half in the coming weeks. Please order according.

Say hello to the first ever, create and design your own personalized CGM patch studio. Give it a test drive & save your artwork. Make someone speechless, by giving a truly original and functional gift. 

As simple as this may appear, this is a HUGE accomplishment for the CGM community and the medical tape community entirely.  The level of vibrancy is as vibrant coming out of the bath as it was going in. 🤓  It's not a sticker image and It's not vinyl either. It's special, just like the user who partakes in it's special powers. The texture is designed to blend with skin and feel pleasant.

The Freedom Patch patch is:

⭐ 360° Flexibility
⭐ Hypoallergenic
⭐ Waterproof
⭐ Non-toxic image
⭐ 275° Heat lock Water Based (NON TOXIC) High-res Imagery
⭐ Side pull removability (gentle on hair)
⭐ 600 DPI High Resolution Imagery (first of it's kind)
 Shell Back Rigid Series Guard Compatible
 Infiniflex Guard Series Compatible

🤓 The process is in "patent pending" but we hope to change the outcome for those who struggle with adhesion allergies, but love their artistic patches and love being creative and unique. In summary, if you have ever used "Breathe Right" strips before, the adhesive 3M properties you recall are also found in our adhesive patches as well for reference. 

Sure, there are CGM adhesive patches out there with printed patterns on them in a bulk limited pre-selected design and they're more expensive.  Then there are 4D high definition 600DPI Freedom Patches with over 2,500,000 different art designs available to choose from in the design studio. Hop on a desktop and enjoy the creative entertainment for hours. 

The most important feature I believe is the ability to recognize we're all special and we're all unique. Diabetes has a way of lumping us all back together again and as much as we love people, we love being an individual more. 

Allowing each individual to express themselves and be proud of their story by creating their own design with images right off your smartphone. To open doors of conversation, giving us the opportunity to tell your unique story.  You can even add your own favorite family pic or fan fare to the mix.

What's in the package: 

  • Quantity: 4 (same image) @ $13.95 
  • 3.25" Inch" Standard Oval Freestyle Libre Custom Adhesive Patches (4)
  • Secure Packaging
  • Worldwide Delivery w/ Tracking
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Color inside the lines:

Well the red dashed lines. This is the "bleed area". Anything outside this area cannot be guaranteed it will make it on your designed adhesive patch so give yourself room. 

Quality Is Always Our Focus:

Since day one, it's always been about lasting as long if not longer. Side by side, we want to win your hearts.  Months in the making. We're users too! Quality is vital. Something to be proud of.  Quality of the patch? Well let's just say we're going to give those "big CGM brands" a run for their money in the durability and comfort.  Because our mission has always been simple. Provide our customers with unique, fun, comfortable ways to be yourself. Enjoy!



We've designed these patches to fit not only your traditional Libre transmitter, but the Freedom Band Shell Back series overlay patch, band & cases we've also created with your help to protect your Freestyle Libre, like a cell phone case to your very special "iFruit" Phone. 


Create & Save For Later:

You can create and save your work. Come back at a later date and enable to complete your checkout. 


I can't believe how much better this band is from the others I have purchased. The 2" inch band makes a huge difference compared to the tiny 3/4" inch I had before. Combined with the Velcro, a home run! Thanks for thinking of it!

Jeremy K.

Thank you Jesse! Your work to help me get the right size meant the world to me and my little T1D warrior. She's so proud of her warrior band. Fast delivery and you helped with a small question. Big thank you. Customer for life! 

Merissa H.

At first I was hesitant, then realized upon delivery that the band and case really does change in more directions and ways than we need it to. Jesse spent time outlining the best methods. Pretty ingenious and know we'll use it for a long time to com

Richard B.

The other band I used would roll over and cut in. But, the freedom band, I often forget it's there, the width and comfort are the best.

Gator Chris-S

Diabetic & Veteran Made in the USA!


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